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  • Forget three “As” of Pakistan, but is India sincere

    The flag of Balochistan flew over our family home in the Gandhi Garden area of old Karachi until March 27, 1948 as one my deceased uncles became Balochistan’s first ambassador to Pakistan.

  • Pakistan polls: Forget fair elections in

    22-07-2018· Forget fairness of elections in Balochistan. It's not going to happen, and the province is simply far too important for the Pakistan Army is more ways than one.

  • Forget Kashmir, What About The Decades Long

    Balochistan Insurgency Resource-rich Balochistan, Pakistan’s largest region by area but the least populated, has been clutched by an insurgency for more than 15 years.

  • BNM monthly meet reiterates commitment for Balochistan

    BNM releases report about Pak atrocities in Balochistan Mama Qadeer Baloch to intensify protests against “missing persons” of Balochistan 3 Pakistan Army personnel were killed in two separate attacks at Bolan: BLA BLF describes reasons for attack on Pakistan Army at Awaran BLF Freedom Fighters attacked several Pakistan Army strongholds in Feb BRAS freedom fighters eliminate 12 Pakistan military personnel at Mand in Balochistan Pakistan’s dishonoring the dead bodies of Baloch

  • Is Pakistan heading for disaster in Balochistan

    15-01-2012· Pakistanis seem to forget that Balochistan may only have a tiny population but comprises 44 per cent of Pakistan’s land territory. They forget it

  • Hidden Beauty of Balochistan Best Reviews

    If you are going to Balochistan then you shouldn’t forget visiting Gwadar that is one of the main attractions in Balochistan. Hill Station in Balochistan Balochistan is famous for

  • Imran Khan is proving that Pakistan’s state policy is to

    04-10-2020· Imran Khan admitted on many occasions that the Pakistan Army was bombing villages populated with women and children in Balochistan as it did in Bangladesh. This makes one think whether lying through the teeth is the state policy of Pakistan, which has led to the public believing in those lies and living in a world far away from reality.

  • 'Independence of Balochistan will benefit India in the

    The Baloch armed struggle started a few months after the illegal annexation of Balochistan. It was initiated not to attack Pakistan but to defend Balochistan’s territory, which Pakistan forcibly occupied, and that’s why the struggle is legal, just and necessary.

  • Forget India, Pakistan Has Trouble On Literally ALL Its

    08-03-2019· Forget India, Pakistan Has Trouble On Literally ALL Its Borders The Quint YouTube. Forget India, Pakistan Has Trouble On Literally ALL Its Borders

  • Pakistani Deep State’s Dirty Secret War In Balochistan: A

    11-03-2021· Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan admitted back in 2019 in a video that the Pakistani government has indeed been committing genocide in Balochistan. Despite such explicit admissions, the world has turned a blind eye to the grave human rights violations taking place in PoK.

  • Forget three “As” of Pakistan, but is India sincere with

    Forget three “As” of Pakistan, but is India sincere with free Balochistan dream? November 10, 2017, 10:37 AM IST Ahmar Mustikhan in Balochistan Insight,World,TOI

  • Pakistan’s ‘Occupied Balochistan’ The Diplomat

    Balochistan, which still supplies almost a quarter of Pakistan’s total gas, this year faced the worst gas shortfall in history amid plummeting winter temperatures

  • Flight from Balochistan Pakistan DAWN.COM

    Now such intolerant situation has come in Pakistan that forget Hindus even shia Muslims are considered minorities and they wonder why is the country strife with violence.

  • Why does Balochistan want freedom from Pakistan?

    Well after studying the dynamics of balochistan a bit I came to the supriseing revelation, that a majority of balochistan doesnt want indepemdence from Pakistan can even be said to be a haox. I wont deny the fact tht there are insurgent elemet Fir...

  • When will UN open its eyes to Pakistan’s atrocities in

    Major Noora’s body being dragged by Pakistani vehicle in occupied Balochistan. A soldier of the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), Major Noora was martyred while fighting with Pakistan Army. After killing the freedom fighters, Pakistan Army personnel shifted their dead bodies to army garrison by dragging them behind the army vehicles.

  • Kech: Pakistani forces raid several The Balochistan Post

    03-04-2021· According to reports received by The Balochistan Post, the Pakistani security forces allegedly detained two persons during the raids on several houses in Kulahoo area of district Kech. On Saturday morning, a number of Pakistani forces raided the house of killed Baloch nationalist Hameed Baloch and arrested two of his sons.

  • The Balochistan Insurgency: A major security issue for

    May 9: At least 14 people were shot dead on Thursday, May 9, by attackers after several buses were ambushed in the remote Ormara area of Pakistan's southwestern Balochistan province. The travellers were removed from the buses and taken to a second location, where they were shot dead.

  • Balochistan: Seven Decades Of Insurgency In Pakistan’s

    Balochistan: Seven Decades Of Insurgency In Pakistan’s Restive South Analysis. Next year will signal 70 years since the beginning of a fierce separatist insurgency fought in Pakistan’s

  • Mounting poverty levels in Balochistan Pakistan & Gulf

    27-04-2020· A World Bank report titled ‘State of Water Supply, Sanitation and Poverty in Pakistan’, said that Balochistan has by far the highest rural poverty rate, with more than 62 percent of its rural population living below the poverty line. The report released in November 2018 noted that districts in the country varied widely in poverty, with the

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